yellow-quotes It is such an enormous privilege, and an equally great pleasure – to be penning a few words about a well reputed pre school as SMART KIDZ and sharing my experiences as a parent.

It indeed is a refreshing experience to be a part of SMARTKIDZ family that truly respects the views and concerns of parents, actively engages with them on shaping the direction of the school and welcomes them as partners in the process.

It is here in smartkidz in their early years, they nurture a child’s imagination giving wings to his thoughts and lay the foundation for a fruitful life ahead.

In today’s world educating parents on whole education has become more essential. We as parents prefer a school that provides a whole education not at the cost of academic excellence.when so huge is the responsibility in shaping our children as individuals, we cannot choose a school that imparts knowledge alone they need to get a moral compass as well. So a good school is the one which equally contributes in inculcating the social, cultural,spiritual, moral and aesthetic values along with academics in their students. This we get at smartkidz. On a contrary, smart kids is one of the pre schools which has maintained its vision and responsibilities that are assured to be rendered to both the student and parent community. And hence, they strive to provide students a rich environment: be it in the way of language, behavior, knowledge or even etiquette.

They appreciate the fact that every child can learn- ” May be not on the same day or in the same way”. Therefore they provide best faculty which is designed to teach the students the content in the way they best understand. Smartkidz offers the best of early years teachers, who Are dedicated and well familiar with every child’s strengths and proclivity, but are individuals who are life long learners and role models for values- those who inspire, encourage and ignite a spark of discovery in a child that lasts a lifetime!

Thus to sum up…smartkidz is an institution which does not aim to hone only one element- academics, but all elements of whole education: the building block of character.

A personal thank you to all the members of smartkidz for having achieved success in all these years. A special thanks to the core management of the school at east marredpally branch.lastly, congratulations to Mr. Ganesh and Mrs. Malathy Ganesh for leading a prestigious institution as smartkidz. I hope that the momentum continues and smartkidz soon becomes a benchmark for other similar institutions! yellow-quotes2

– Parent Name: Mrs. Pratibha Arcot Anjan

Child Name: Sreeshwar, Class: II B

yellow-quotes Patashala – The school of excellence, the school has excellent administration and supporting staff. The school follows latest and updated curriculum which is stress free for the children. The play ground is very huge. yellow-quotes2

– Parent Name: Dr. Ravinder Raju

Child Name:Manish Dash, Class: II B

yellow-quotes It is really noteworthy that school fosters many other co curricular activities in addition to Academics. This helps the child to undergo integral development in the early stage of his or her life.Over and above, the child enjoys the sense of freedom but without belittling the notion of “Discipline” in school atmosphere. yellow-quotes2

– Parent Name: Satyabrata Dash

Child Name: K. Kshithi, Class: II A

yellow-quotes Patashala is one of the best schools that we have in our city. Unlike other schools it believes in overall development of each student and encourages them to participate in all the activities they conduct. “The Orientation Program” for the parents which is conducted every year is very helpful for the parents to understand their children much better. Personally as a parent I got to learn many things from this program. I even like different Olympiads, science fair, environmental activities etc. Conducted by the school which i feel helps my child to discover the hidden talent and boosts her self confidence.

The “student-teacher” ratio and the methods they implemented for learning are quite encouraging and can be made still better.
One unique feature of the school which touched my heart was encouraging the “special children”.

“Kudos” to the school for all the effort and “All the Very Best”. yellow-quotes2

– Parent Name: K. Kiran Giri

Child Name:Vanshika, Class: VII

yellow-quotes Patashala School is the best school with C.B.S.E syllabus. Apart from the studies there are many activities like computer, Abacus, Sports, Skating, Chess, Karate & many more. Teachers are very co-operative and take personal care with every child. There is no pressure of home work.

The school also celebrates all the festivals to know the significance of each. The sweets and snacks are also distributed. yellow-quotes2

– Parent Name: Madhuri

Child Name: Samuel, Class: IB

yellow-quotes We are very satisfied with our kid’s progress in this school. The material and the course content were simply awesome. The school teachers and principal also take good care. Extracurricular activities in the school helped my child in his all round development. The entire school team are the trend setters in quality education at an affordable price & fee structure. yellow-quotes2

– Parent Name: Madhu Latha

Child Name: N. Nishant, Class: IB

yellow-quotes It is highly appreciable for the teacher’s patience, talents & efforts they put to make every event successful and wonderful. We are so grateful to you and your dedicated team of teachers who have put efforts in making my son feel comfortable & safe at your school.

Thanks to Patashala for leaving a positive impression on kids and helping them to grow with moral & ethical values right from the childhood.
Thanks for everything & All the Best for future events. yellow-quotes2

– Parent Name: Prameela Rani

Child Name: S. Suhas, Class: IB

yellow-quotes Patashala is a school of comfort learning to the children. This school involves the children into all the values which are must and necessary for future citizens of India. It is established in a convenient, comfortable location. The children are growing with all the facilities including the Value Based Education. Practical teaching is implemented in Patashala which is helping the child to develop various skills. The Principal, staff & management are committed, dedicated and are involving themselves for the growth of the students.

Patashala, undoubtedly is a Source of Knowledge for the students and we wish them all the success. yellow-quotes2

– Parent Name: Shailaja

Child Name: B. Krithika, Class: IB

yellow-quotes We would like to take this opportunity to express the appreciation for the school. The name “Patashala” itself speaks about the school. Firstly we are impressed with the school name. We loved the way they handle the activities so that there is improvement in every child.

We are very delighted with school activities specially sports, orientation program & overall grooming. There was improvement in many aspects like she had developed the habit of doing her homework herself.

We are also thankful for the safe transportation provided to us.
Thank You for Every Thing!! yellow-quotes2